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B.C. FILE#10160
LOCATION: About 1 mile up Bridal Falls, F.S.R. Fraser Valley, and British Columbia
DATE @ TIME: June 19th, 2008, Aprox 2:30 a.m.
REPORT BY: Thomas Steenburg

At 12 noon June 2nd, 2008 an old acceptance whom used to work here at the mill where I lived pulled in to inform me that his wife was told by a friend at work that she and her husband encountered what she thought was a Sasquatch during the early morning hours of the pervious Thursday, (June 19th) somewhere on Mount Cheam? No details were available but a phone call was placed to his wife at work and she agreed to ask the witness involved if she would be willing to tell me about what she and her husband had seen? Later the main witness in this case, a man whom only wanted to use his first name contacted me. He than gave me a brief description of what had happened and was prepared to leave it at that since he really did not want to talk to anybody about this and I had the feeling that he was not happy that B.., (The Second witness) had told friends about it. I informed him that identity would be kept secret if that is what he wished later that afternoon I interviewed them at their Rosdale home.

Q. Would you state your full name please?

A. N...------Name with held upon request.

Q. What is your present mailing address?

A. (Answer with held upon request)

Q. Do you wish to give your phone number?

A. Hope. You already have that anyway.

Q. What is your occupation?

A. Account Manager.

Q. Do you ware corrective lenses?

A. Yes.

Q. Where you warring them at the time?

A. I ware them all the time.

Q. How old are you?

A. 47.

Q. Where did this incident occur?

A. Up mount Cheam.

Q. Up mount Cheam? Do you know the name of the road? Does it have a name?

A. Cheam F.S.R, no wait. Bridal Falls F.S.R.
STEENBURG NOTE: The letters F.S.R. stand for Forest Service Road.

Q. Bridal Falls F.S.R.

A. Yes something like that. Yep.

Q. What date did this take place?


Q.Last Thursday?

Wednesday night. No, Thursday morning very early Thursday morning. 2 o'clock in the morning.

Q. It was dark?

A. Yep. I had on highbeams and after market lights on the truck so be cause I am in the bush all the time so I like to see where I am going, so after market lights are really high wattage, and I cam see for miles.

Q. Could you just repeat the time?

A. 2 a.m.

Q. Describe the area in which this took place?

A. Gravel road on the side of a mountain. Steep drop off to the left. Steep climb to the right.

Q. Was it an open area or was it treed?

A. All treed. I think thatís right by the creek. I think theirs a creek, which comes down just before a left-hand turn. So it was this side of the creek.

STEENBURG NOTE: I think he was trying to say that the subject was between himself and the creek when it crossed the road.

Q. Describe for me what happened?

A. We were just driving along and.

Q. Were you going up or coming down?

A. Coming back down. Um I just seen this dark figure on two legs come up, Took two steps and it was across the road, and went up the other side, and out of sight. Gone.

Q. Did it cross the road right to left or left to right?

A. Left to right.

Q. It was moving up hill?

A. Yes. It's so steep there. It like crazy.

Q. When it crossed the road, how far did it get before you lost sight of it?

A. Oh it's trees there so my headlights are straight ahead, and it crossed like that and up and it was gone in the tress.

Q. Were your high beams on at the time?

A. Oh yeah.

Q. Was it at the limit of the high beams or closer to the veh?

A. I would say from here to the Cherry tree, (Uses small cherry tree in yard as example, about 100 feet) He wasn't at the end of them they went well past him.

Q. Why were you in this area at this time?

A. We were looking down at the lights.

Q. The lights of the town?

A. Yeah, we had never been up there at night. We have in the daytime and looked down, but hadn't been up at night to see the lights.

Q. What distance would you estimate you was from the subject?

A. 100 to 150 feet?

Q. What color was it?

A. Black. Maybe dark, dark brown but Black as far as I could see.

Q. What was your first impression when you saw it?

A. Shock. Nobody expects to see something. Something on two legs walking across the road at 2 o'clock in the morning, that big!

Q. How did you react when you first saw it?

A. Shock! Ask B.... I was in absolute shock

Q. What was it doing?

A. Walking.

Q. Was it walking briskly, slowly, or was it jogging?

A. Big long strides. He just come up, and I seen him as we were going, and a head came up into view and was like, Holy nuts! Like some big wrestler or something, He took to steps and he was up the other side. Gone!

Q. Was it walking on an angle towards you?

A. No. Straight up, straight across and straight up again. What he did in the bushes after that, I don't know if he went sideways or whatever, I have no idea.

Q. Was it hairy?

A. I. when B... asked me thatís the first thing I said. It was hairy. Didn't really have a neck. Kind of just a head. And big!

Q. Did it stand and walk upright?
A. Yes. It didn't stand it was walking. If it had stoped I might have had a chance to see more.

Q. Did you ever see it go down on all fours?

A. No. It didn't even use its hands when it climbed up onto the road. It walked onto the road.

Q. How tall would you estimate the subject to have been?

A. Umm. God. He would have to be 7 feet tall. Iím 6'5" and he was bigger than I was. Normally most other people to me look small. He was huge! Shoulders where just huge!

Q. How Much do you think it weighed?

A. Oh god. I'm 250, that thing had to be 350. Over 300. It was big. Big, big big.

Q. How do you mean?

A. It wasn't fat, it wasn't fat no. He had huge shoulders, big arms, and legs. I mean he was tall, big. Just like a big well-built person.

Q. How long do you think you saw it for?

A. Couldn't have been any more than 3 to 5 seconds.

Q. Do you think it saw you?

A. I would imagine. I thought it went like that, (Uses his own head and shoulders to demonstrate a slight glance toward the veh), I thought it went like that, but it just kept going.

Q. So your saying that it turned it's head slightly towards you, just slightly?

A. Yeah.

Q. Just a little bit?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did it have any reaction to your presence?

A. No, it just kept going.

Q. Did you notice any facial features?

A. No. No, wish I hada.

Q. Could you tell if it was male or female?

A. No.

Q. Could you describe the arms?

A. Big, long. They were long, they were here, (places his own hand beside knee).

Q. Did the subject swing it's arms?

A. Yeah, yeah, the right arm came out like that, (Uses own arm to demonstrate swing motion),
Q. Did it make any noise?

A. No.

Q. Did you smell any thing?

A. No, none that I can remember.

Q. Are they're any other characteristics of this creature, which stand out?

A. Big shoulders. No neck, black.

Q. Did you notice anything about it's feet?

A. No, long legs and long arms he crossed that road, one side, one step and than he was on the other side and gone.

Q. Did you check for footprints?

A. No.

Q. Did you report what you saw?

A. No. Well, were reporting it to you, Ha. You can take the heat for it. Ha.

Q. Describe your general out doors experience for me.

A. Outdoors since I was a kid. Camping, hiking, hunting, Fishing all the time, Every where from the Queen Charlottes to Australia. Been in the outback, been in the mountains, every back road from here to Cranbrook. Prince George to Dawson Creek. I've been to the Arctic Circle. Umm back east, all over the bush in Quebec, Logged probably hundreds of miles in the bush.

Q. Where there any other witnesses.

A. No, just B.... Well she didn't see it though. She was fildling with the CDs, or something.

Q. What do you think it was?

A. No idea. No idea, it was a bipedal, upright, something? I don't know, I don't know. I don't believe in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch that much, at all, umm.

Q. Do you still feel that way?

A. Umm, yeah. I don't, I mean this is the first experience I've had. With anything like this out there, and like I say I have logged, hundreds of miles out there, easily, My truck has 138'000 kms on it and I would say half of those were in the bush.

Q. Just go over what happened for me?

A. Driving down the hill in 4 low, going maybe 4 miles an hour, just put it in 4 low and let the engine do the work. Just driving when all of a sudden, up he came, across, up the other side he went.

Q. Have any of your friends or family members ever reported an incident like this before?

A. Not that I know about.

Q. Have every made a report like this at any other time to anyone else?

A. No.

Q. Do you think it was a Sasquatch?

A. I don't know what it was?

Q, At this time you are not prepared to say that it was a Sasquatch?

No. I don't know what it was! I don't know! I am going to go up there some more though, ha ha.

Q. For the record you wish to remain anonymous?

A. Yes. Very much.

STEENBURG NOTE: After the interview with N... was done I talked to his wife B.... She was in the car when this occurred but was not looking to the front during the few seconds the subject was in view.

Q. Do you also wish to remain anonymous?

A. Yes sir.

Q. Just tell what happened and what you were doing at the time this occurred?

A. We were coming down the hill and I was not paying attention to the road, I was looking at CDs, looking for my cigarettes, suddenly he grabbed me by the left arm, quite hard, and he said, "Did you just see that big person cross the road!" I saw nothing. Nothing at all, so I asked him a bunch of questions.

Q. What sort of questions did you ask?

A. I ask him umm, Was it a man or a woman, he said, "I don't Know". Was he warring cloths, like pants or a shirt? He said, "No". I than asked was he naked? He said "No" than he said, "He was hairy". Than we both stooped at that moment, (Referring to pulling the truck over just after passing the spot} and I asked, "Did you just see a Sasquatch"? And he replies "No! There no such thing as Sasquatch". So I asked was it a bear? But bears do not walk like that on their hind legs; we went through the list you know. Could it have been a hoax, but why would somebody be doing that way out here early hours of a Thursday morning, walking aimlessly through the bush? We had pulled over and he grabbed my hand and put it to his chest. Hiss heart was beating so strongly that he saw something! But again not knowing exactly what he saw. I have known him for 5 years and his reaction was completely out of the ordinary. He does not scare easily but something did spook him this time.

Q. You never saw the animal?

A. I didn't see a thing.

Q. Who did you talk to about it?

A. I was at work and I was telling my workmate L-----. (With held upon request)

Q. Thatís how I found out.

A. Yeah. So. She actually phoned me this morning with your phone number.

Q. You don't mind that she told me?

A. No. She asked me at work yesterday. And I said I don't know. I know N... said he didn't want to tell anybody cause he doesnít want to be perceived as being crazy or what have you but yes, she said, well she phoned and said well heres the number, you know if you want to call you can call. So I passed it on to him and he called you.

Q. Do you think he saw a Sasquatch?

A. Thatís what my feeling is, A, from his reaction, By the way he described it. Umm, thatís just the feeling I have. But of course I have allway believed that they were out there, so.

Q. You have obviously heard stories growing up in Abbottsford, but have never seen anything yourself?

A. No. No never. I came from northern B.C. but when I moved down here around Agassis where the stories are everywhere, but know nothing.

STEENBURG NOTE: The next day after this interview (June 22, 2008, 3 days after it happened) N... took Bill Miller and myself to the spot where this sighting took place. A search by Bill and myself did not find any footprints or any real evidence to indicate that a Sasquatch did cross the road. But there had been rain in the mean time and we did find a spot that seemed to indicate that something or someone had crossed the road. Broken ferns and flattened grass, broken small branches. So I am convinced something had crossed the road at this spot recently. What remains the question? N... still will not say that it was a Sasquatch he saw. Though he can't picture a man walking up through this steep country at 2 a.m. in pitch darkness traveling as fast and graceful as what he saw did. Personal I am prepared to say that if the Sasquatch does indeed exist I think this man saw one cross in front of his truck just after 2 A.M, Thursday June 19th, 2008.

Thomas Steenburg

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