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Halfmoon Bay
March,8 th 2005

Location: Halfmoon Bay,
North of Sechelt, BC

" Had a phone call from John Green tonight concerning a possible roadside sighting only a few hours earlier.

A woman had submitted a report to the B.F.R.O. website that she had been heading north on 'Route 101' near Halfmoon Bay, when she noticed, on the steep slope of the east side of the road, a black, hair covered creature..that, in her opinion, was at least 7 ft. tall.

The creature was seen walking down to the roadside and then.. cross the road in front of the witnesses moving car. Distance from the subject unknown at this time.

Time of sighting was 6:30 p.m. Witness said that it was raining heavily at the time, so she plans to return to the location tomorrow (March 9th ) to look for tracks.

Witness did give a contact phone number and John Green will phone tomorrow, as will I also.

I think I will try to meet the lady in a couple of days, depending on what I hear on phone contact.

I did meet with her and here is her interview, in full! "

[ * Witness's name changed for reasons of privacy! * ] GC

Q. Please state your full name.
A. Fay McDonald.

Q.What is your present mailing address.
A [ Witheld in this version of interview. ]

Q. Your phone number.
A [ Answer witheld in this version of interview. ]

Q. Where did this incident occure?
A.Heading north, highway 101, just this side..ummm..just south's called Leaning Tree Road.

Q.What's that name again?
A. Leaning Tree Road.

[ Steenburg note* ] Leaning Tree Road turn off is just 300 yards north from the spot where the subject was seen. It is the closest landmark.

Q.What date did this take place?
A. Ummm. It was Monday?

Q. Just a few days ago?
A. Yeah. Just a few days ago. It was Monday, 6:50 p.m. I have to look at the actual...I'm not good with dates. A week ago. I've got it written down.

Q. Was it March 8th, 2005?
A. Yeah, that was it. It was at 6:50 p.m. It was more turning dark, like it was dark, but it wasn't pitch black yet.

Q.Describe the area in which this took place.
A. I was on the highway. Both sides of the highway are heavily treed. It's a rain forest, swampy in some places, rocky in some places, old growth trees. Very dark and dense underbrush. Close to freshwater lakes. Close to provincial parks that have trails that go...all over.

Q. What is your occupation.
A. I run a store.

Q. Do you wear corrective lenses?
A. No! I have fantastic vision.

Q. How old are you?
A, I am 42.

Q. What were you doing in the area at the time?
A. I was driving my 3 1/2 year old daughter and myself home. I drive the same route every day.

Q. And where do you live?
A. In Halfmoon Bay, which is just another...10 minutes north?

Q. What distance would you estimate you were from the subject when you first saw it?
A. I was hoping to show you that when you came out there with me. But I was driving at about 100 klm per hour, and I had put on my headlights, and it was just on the outside of my highbeams and I didn't slow down. So by the time I had..ummm..continued highbeams actually hit the back of it. So it was moving really fast., however far my highbeams? Which I have been trying to figure out. I can do it when I put my highbeams a stop sign or something? I can pretty much guage it. but how far are my highbeams 200, 400? Because they have the new lights on them too that go around and they are very strong.

Q: So are you saying that the subject was at the extreme range of your highbeam lights?
A: was on the right hand side, extreme range..yeah.

Q: The road runs north to south, so the passenger side would be the east side of the road, and the driver's side, the west?
A: Yes.

Q: What side of the road was it on when you first saw it?
A: On the east.

Q:What color was it?

Q: What was your first impression?
A:It was instantaneous. It was happening so fast. What I remember seeing was...and I will call it..him. Because I can't recognize in my mind something that large as a she. So to me, it was a him. I saw him come out of the woods, and I recognized that something huge was coming quickly out of the woods. It registered immediately with me, all at the same time. Ummmm..what was I looking at...what I had just seen.

Q: How did you react when you first saw it?
A: I was sick to me stomach, overwhelmed with fear and terror, which I am still a week later, when I think about it...I'm..really...really..afraid...again. You know....I've had a week now to think about it. I'm a whole lot better then I was but....absolute terror...terror like I've never felt before in my life and absolutely sick to my stomach. Ummmm...immediately, as I was hands were sweating. There was sweat on my brow.
As I drove past where it entered the woods on the west side, I looked to where it went and there's an opening in the trees and it was pitch black and all of the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. Immediately my brain tried to explain to myself what it could have been, other then what it was, like flashcards trying to find something...something that I knew. Something that I could think of that it could be, other then a Sasquatch.

[ Steenburg note: Fay started to gat a little emotional while she answered that last question and I felt that she had to struggle a little to maintain her composure. What she saw did frighten her, considerably. ]

Q: When you drove past the spot, did you stop?
A:No. No way! A lot of people would, I know, but I was so terrified!

Q:What was it doing?
A:It was walking quickly. From one side of the road to the other. I think what struck me also at the time, was where it came out of was kind of hilly? At first it looked as though it was...a rocky it was coming down the hill and I thought, how can anything get down that without sliding?,'s gait. It was walking, its head was was in a hurry. It was very fast. Its must have been a good 5 to 6 feet in between it''s walking. It was swinging it's arms. Ummm...hunched forward...just a bit...ummm, black from head to toe, never looked over in my direction, not once.

Q: When you say gait, are you referring to its step or stride?
Q:What's the difference?

Q:Step is the heel of one foot to the heel of the other; where stride is the heel of one foot to the heel of the same foot again.
A: It's step then, which was a huge amount of space. It was covering ground quite was big...very big.

Q: Did you notice how many steps it took across the road?
A:If I shut my eyes and think...I would say.....7. From the time I saw it, from my right hand..what was it..the east side? ..from my right hand side. From the time it crossed over into the woods it was about 7 paces. That is from down the across the road.

[ Steenburg note: Later at the site it took me 13 steps just to cross the ..paved..portion of the road! ]

Q: Was it hairy?
A: I don't know.

Q:Did it stand and walk upright?
A: It was walking upright.

Q: Did you ever see it drop down onto all fours?
A: No

Q:How tall would you estimate it was?
A: Over 7 feet, I would say..8 feet.

Q: What do you estimate its weight to have been? know...probably..because of the motion that it was making, I would hazard a guess at probably 600 .lbs? It was huge!

Q: How long did you see it for?
A:In total..about 4 to 5 seconds.

Q:Did it see you?
A:I don't know. It never looked in my direction.

Q: Did you notice any facial features?
A:No. One of the distinguishing things that I saw was it's sillhouette, looked quite squared. The head looked quite squared, long straight back, hunched over, I didn't see any indication of roundness. Its front was quite flat. But it was quite a ways away, and I'm seeing a side view. The front part of it wasn't too elongated through this area. It was more flat and squarish. Also, when it was swinging its arms, like because when it took a step, its arms swung. Huge big swings and also with its legs. I had a chance to see the full side view of chest and back. And the chest was straight up and down. Never saw any bumps as though it were a woman. I don't know if they do that or not. Ummm...he wasn' know..barrel chested. It was you say....more massive? was a side view but I did get to have a good look when he pulled his arm by, and I saw that twice, across the road. When his arms were in this position (she demonstrates with her arms ). It wasn't completly barrel chested was one more

Q:Could you tell if it was a male or female?
A:I think it was male. There was nothing that would have shown me....but..I don't know. Because I don't know a lot about them...there was nothing that would have shown me whether or not that was a female body. In my mind it came out as a ...he!

Q: No breasts?
A:No. I never saw any breasts.

Q:Could you describe its arms?
A:Long, huge. Longer then a know in proportion to a human, a bit longer then what out proportions would be. And they swung while it moved.

Q:Did you smell anything before, during, or after?
A: No.

Q: Are there any other physical characteristics of the subject that stick out in your mind? A:Just that he looked purposeful, in a hurry because of something behind him...or in a hurry because of something in front of him. He looked straight ahead, didn't look at me..and he was in a hurry.

Q: Did you check for footprints later?
A:I did. I went back..we have some photos of what we saw the day after. but it rained hard the night after I saw this. I wanted to go back that night...but I was way too I wans't going back in the dark. So we went the next day..and I went with a friend. There were two hole shaped marks in the grass..not really foot shaped..that would have been waay too easy..prints?. Coming down the hill from where I saw him first.

Q: Was there any soft ground around there where there might have been prints?
A:Yes, there is. Up and down the road.

Q: Did you report what you saw?
A: Yes. Within an hour we found a website...B.R....H?

A: Yeah, BFRO.

Q: Describe your general outdoor experience for me?
A:Ok. I live in the woods. I own an acreage surrounded by a Provincial Park. I've grown up on a fresh water lake. I am very comfortable in the woods with children. I'm in the woods sometimes all day long, that is my lifestyle. I walk the trails all of the time. I have a lot of woods experience.
Q: Are you quite capable of recognizing large game.
A: Absolutely. I've seen cougars and bears...ummmm..I've seen mountain lion, which are different then cougars..and reported that last year to Victoria..l We have bobtail deer in our yard all of the time. I've seen elk fairly close.

[ Steenburg note: In hind sight, I should have asked her about mountain lion and cougar being different. She is wrong as both mountain lion and cougar are the same animal. ( Felis concolor ) ]

Q: Were there any other witnesses?
A:No. I questioned my three year old the next day. You know...while we were driving did you see anything?..but she was busy playing with something in her the back seat..singing. I had songs on which she likes listening to in the car. She said no!

Q:What do you think it was?
A:I think from the first moment I saw it, especially by the time it was in mid road, to know that there is no other possibility in my mind...that I've definitly seen a yeti, a Sasquatch, a bigfoot...without doubt. It would be easier for my mind to comprehend..if I could figure out something else that it was.

Q: In your own words, tell me what happened again?
I was driving home, put on my highbeams. I lit up the whole world. Out of the right hand corner of the eye I saw a large animal walking out of the woods very quickly. With a human gait between its steps, arms swinging, very purposeful, and very fast. And it crossed the road and entered the woods on the other side of the road. By the trime I got up to it my highbeams did hit the back of it. I got to see a real clear view of its back as it left the road...which is interesting too....because, I never actually saw it dip down into where the woods were. It was pitch black in the area which it went into...I thought it walked straight off. The next day when I went actual fact there is quite a deep dip down...then into the woods..which I kind of stood and looked at and wondered...did he jump? Because once my highbeams hit the back of him..he was gone.

Q:Has any of your friends or family members ever had an incident like this happen to them before?
A: No

Q:Have you ever made a report of an incident like this at any time to anyone else?
A: No.
[ Steenburg's Comments:
When the interview was over, it was like Fay had a huge weight lifted from her shoulders. Her husband told me in private that his wife was greatly bothered by what she saw...and hoped that after talking with me, she would no longer look at this incedent as a bad thing which has happened to her.
She was emotional after the interview and required an understanding hug from her husband. She told me later that seeing a Sasquatch was the last thing she needed in her life...or for word to get out among her neighbors, that she saw one.
I spent about 4 hours at the sighting location myself, and it did appear that something large had moved through the thick thorny berry bushes which were like weeds on both sides of the road. Beyond the bushes old growth rain forest continues to the ocean. No Footprints or hair was found by myself in the area. I was there 7 days after this sighting occured. ]

Thomas Steenburg

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