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Thomas Steenburg told me a story of where he cast his first Sasquatch footprint. And it was here in Chilliwack BC. So it was just this Saturday past that we decided to check the old campsite out..almost twenty years later! It is still a good story. One which bears repeating here in April of 2005

In August of 1985 while passing through Chilliwack from the town of Hope, Thomas Steenburg heard about a sighting up on a tributary of the Chilliwack River called Cow's Creek! It was less then an hour long drive out of town, so he decided to check it out. Chilliwack River Road is a long excursion into some of the wildest country on the map of BC. You hit dense brush, rocks and steep slopes and wet bog...all within spitting distance from the blacktop!

The story goes, that by the time Thomas arrived at the campsite that day the people who saw the Sasquatch had just packed up their gear and were pulling out.

Thomas convinced the American couple to tell him what they saw..
As it turned out the pair had been fishing down over the bank of a creek which flowed, just a few yards from their campsite. (The campsite was just off the road in a clearing, but dense brush gave the area a great deal of privacy.)
As they caught their trout, the husband would attach them to a ring which he had fashioned out of a length of chain and wrapped the whole thing around a tree, back at the campsite, high off the ground. (To keep it away from bears. )

At some point during the day the fisherman noted his wife looking up towards their camp. Following her gaze he saw this 8 ft. tall, man-like, hairy creature removing the chain..trout and all, from around the tree!
Without a backward glance it stepped through the brush which hid the campsite from the road and strode off with its 'catch of the day'. leaving the couple with their mouths hanging!

Thomas investigated the scene and after crossing the road in the direction which the creature was last seen heading, picked up its trail in a creek bed. From this creek bed he extracted two good impressions from the soft earth. His first cast did not take, as he did not leave it long enough to set. But he was more successful with the second.

He followed many partial impressions along the creek for a few minutes as if the creature was perhaps looking for more trout in the quiet pools. Then the trail suddenly started going up a hillside, covered with gravel and skree from a long ago slide. It was up this rocky terrain that a number of partial imprints now went. They quickly blended in with the surrounding irregular surfaces and disappeared from view..
He stayed on for another two days, but the remainder of his stay was uneventful and he had to leave the area behind.

GC and Thomas Steenburg at top of enbankment

At the bottom of enbankment were couple were fishing!

Thomas showing the very tree where the chain of trout hung!

The eacts spot where he cast a footprint!

The very rough and uneven terrain along the creek!

Thomas staring up at the hillside which thwarted him twenty years earlier!

The rough scree through which the Sasquatch made its exit with the trout!

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Thomas Steenburg

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