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I was a member of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club! I've met some facinating people through studying the Sasquatch, as well as some forgettable ones .and I thought it would be good to hear the stories of other people, who live here in Western Canada and who might have an interest in the mysteries of the mountains. And perhaps they, in turn, like to know the story of other BC-ers who are working in the field?

So this site is for the curious... for BC researchers, and those researchers located on the B.C border in Alberta and Washington State...
And most importantly it is for those who wouldn't mind a sensible approach to the subject!.

Gerry ( Coyote )
Chilliwack, British Columbia


Thomas Steenburg is the most tenacious and renowned Canadian investigator of the new Millennium!
Since the 1970's while living in Alberta Thomas begin his quest which would see him travel many a thousand miles in search of Sasquatch evidence. Eventually it brought him to where ( in his words ) "The answer has to be...!" , British Columbia, Canada.
Once...Thomas's Land Rover could be seen on any given day anywhere in the province.There is seldom ' time off ' from the task for this ex-military man. Based in Mission, BC, his search area reaches from Washington State far into northern, British Columbia.
These days he drives a more stable Izizu 4x4 to the relief of his friends! Thomas is a very kind open minded individual and yet a little reserved. Good qualities for a person who has to deal with many different kinds of people under the realization that any information he gets might lead him down a false path. But, despite this, a more genuine person you cannot find.
Thomas is often times a hard person to reach as reports of sightings keep him on the road for the most part. Even when a swipe from a grizzly's paw destroyed a perfectly good knapsack..Thomas and the knapsack did not stay treed for long! ( Well..long enough to make sure that the bear had truly gone on its way. *wink* )

Thomas Steenburg
Mission, BC. Phone; (604) 826-6150

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Thomas Steenburg

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