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John Green is a very conscientious individual. He has the enviable talent of thinking before he speaks!
A tall man, who in another lifetime, could have been a southern gentleman, and who even today would not look out of place decked out in a white suit. He never has to raise his voice when discussing the subject of Sasquatch. For who is there that would not listen when John Green speaks?
He has a wonderful generosity with his time and knowledge! Much of what he says are quotes for the ages...my personal favorite being. "We must strive not to let possibilities turn into assumptions.." An admonishment to those who seek to fill in the blanks when it comes to Sasquatch. (Sadly, all too few tend to listen! )

This Elder Statesman of Squatchery is still in high demand. Almost as though, to spend time with him would, in some way impart a wisdom eagerly sought, yet hard to obtain. Maybe for many.. this is the case. Maybe for others, John Green is a romantic figure in sasquatch research, but he himself is not a romantic in his speculations.
Either way to be in the company of this quiet man for a few hours will enable you to come away feeling nurtured and refreshed. Ready to continue doing your best in this chosen endeavor.

And then there are those fabulous 'snappy' shirts of his.......! :)
( Sadly! We lost John a couple of years back. He is missed! )

John Green

Thomas Steenburg

Chris Murphy

Dr. John Bindernagel

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