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A newspaper journalist by profession, John Green began to seriously research Sasquatch in the 1950's looking into reports from the Agassiz and Harrison area and then quickly spreading out to encompass the entire Pacific Northwest. For a time, he worked in collaboration with Rene Dahinden, and the two began to share sighting information. They were the first British Columbian field researchers to take on the Sasquatch mystery on such a large and daunting scale.

( Although it was never said so officially, by any associated with the movie..not a few movie-goers consider the two characters in the 1987 film- "Harry and the Hendersons" to be based on them : Don Ameche, tall, lean and serious= John Green, David Suchet, French Canadian hunter= Rene Dahinden. )

( Sadly, many of the casts in this picture went missing during a move. )

For decades John Green has greeted visitors from all over the world, as they cannot resist the urge to seek him out and shake his hand, when they find themselves in the PNW. He still maintains the idea, that it is easier to accept the existence of Sasquatch than in an army of hoaxers travelling the globe constructing expertly-produced footprints to fool a few hunters and local residents who stumble upon them.

He was graduate of both the University of British Columbia and Columbia University. He was owner/publisher of the Agassiz-Harrison Advance newspaper and has written a number of books about the Sasquatch. He is the personal owner of an enviable data base of reports!

( Seen here interviewing Ostman! )

He has spent many a day in the wilderness looking for sign and following up on sighting reports! Now he spends as much time, or even more drawing a picture of this creature by way of his computer database. He was active years before John Crew came across those long ago tracks in California. And he was hot on the trail for over a decade before Patterson and Gimlin shot their film in Bluff Creek!!
He has been, and still is leading the way to gain recognition from the scientific community which has seen certain of its members take up the gauntlet over the years.
His books and writings are something that every person, who has an interest in this subject, should read. Until this very day he is actively sought after to speak at all major gatherings held on the subject.
John and his wife, June, live in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Their driveway is well worn by the multitude of researchers' shoes which have trod there over the years.
Soft spoken and always gracious he is quick to make you feel at ease in his home.
He is the main inspiration for this website!

( Taken in Harrison Hot Springs July 2004. )

John Green

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