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Continuation of my chat with John Green
 July 23, 2004
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., Canada
( Until this time it has appeared only on the Bigfoot Information Project! )

Q: The "Four Horseman of the Sasquatch" were yourself, Rene Dahinden, Grover Krantz, and Peter Byrne. Dahinden and Krantz are no longer with us. Who do you see as the up and coming new faces of bigfoot research?

A: Well, the "Four Horseman" was nonsense from day one and any list would have to start with Bob Titmus. Today there's so many. There was a time when I had some knowledge of nearly anybody who was involved with this, but there's so many people in it now. Certainly, Matt Moneymaker creating the BFRO was terribly important. Certainly Rick Noll has done tremendous work. Jeff Meldrum, obviously, on the scientific end of it, is a star today. Henner Ferenbach has done quite a bit. John Bindernagel is making the links with the behavior of the great apes.

Q: So there's no shortage of people to take up the flag before it hits the ground?

A: Oh, heavens no. [Laughs] You know, the "Four Horseman" includes Peter Byrne who's just a well publicized fraud. It's ridiculous.

Q: I take it you don't have too much contact with Peter Byrne?

A: No. I saw enough of him 40 years ago

Q: Your books On the Track of the Sasquatch and The Year of the Sasquatch, which became Encounters with Bigfoot -

A: Well, The Year of the Sasquatch was about a specific year. Encounters with Bigfoot is really just a part of the same book. I redid On the Track of the Sasquatch in 1980 and because it would have been too fat to be a saddle-stitched book, I divided it in two. You can also make more money that way. Charge more for two small books than one large one. Of course, people had the option of only buying one. So really, Encounters with Bigfoot is not a separate book. It's just that when I stopped selling books and turned it over to Handcock for which now I'm just an author, he brought out the second one with that title.

Q: Your book The Best of Sasquatch, are there any new reports added to that one?

A: No. Well, it isn't in that context. There's several additional short chapters. One is about the intermembral index. One is about other recent developments like the Skookum cast. One is about Ray Wallace. So there is some new material in there. The basic this is you had the Wallace thing that went around the world suddenly make the things that went on in 1958 newly relevant. Otherwise there probably never would have been another printing.

Q: In 1958 -

A: That's the Bigfoot that Ray Wallace is supposed to have -

Q: In California in Eureka, yes.

A: You see, I'm now in the situation where I'm the only person alive who investigated both the original Bigfoot and the Patterson/Gimlin bigfoot movie. Bob Titmus is gone. Rene Dahinden is gone. There weren't very many of us in the first place. There was only Rene, Bob Titmus and I in 1958 and even Rene wasn't there in '58 because he couldn't cross the border since he wasn't yet a Canadian citizen. I'm the only one who wrote about it.

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