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Continuation of my chat with John Green
July 23, 2004
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., Canada
( Until this time it has appeared only on the Bigfoot Information Project! )

Q: How many casts do you own?

Q:Oh, I think maybe 10 or twelve..

Q: Which is your most impressive cast in your mind?

A: [ Pause ] Probably an unusual one from the casts that Bob Titmus made at the Patterson/Gimlin film site. There's a real break in the middle of it. For years we just assumed that it had stepped on a stick, but when Jeff Meldrum was studying the casts, he pointed out very quickly that there is a twig sticking out of the ground right beside it, but this had nothing to do with it. The imprint was made by a foot that bends in a way that human feet don't.

Q: The midtarsal break?

A: Yes, the midtarsal break. I just have a plastic copy of the that one, but I think that is the most impressive footprint now that this information has come out.

Q: I'd like to just touch of a minute or two on the subject of your database. Would you consider yours to be the largest?

A: No, the BFRO now has a larger one that's growing like a weed. On the other hand, there are so many reports now that I've given up on it.

Q: With the advent of the Internet, I'd imagine reports are flooding in.

A: At least a half dozen a day on the one site.

There's one other thing to say about the BFRO database. You can't access it. If you want to know how many footprints were 16" long, you'd have to go through the whole 8,000 or whatever reports.

Q: No cross-reference.

A: Mine's cross-referenced.

Q: You finally got that done? I remember reading in an interview you did a couple of years ago that you were working on a cross-referenced database.

A: Yeah, well, it was always cross-referenced, but it was a matter of getting all of the material into it. I have to do it myself. I can't just hire someone and say, "You do it." There's too much double-checking and weighing to be done.

Q: So yes, the database still exists and yes, you are the one in charge of it? People are wondering whether or not you have someone else taking care of the database for you.

A: No. The problem now is it's on antique software. The software won't even run properly on anything beyond Windows 98. Well, it'll run, but it will - and I presume this can be corrected - but it only uses half the screen when you use it on Windows XP. You can see a great deal less, so that's not handy at all.

Q: So it's in a DOS program?

A: Yeah. It can be converted, but this is not easy either. I haven't done it, but Richard Greenwell and a professor down in Tucson are working with it in some other computer set up. But you see, now it's getting rapidly out of date.

Q: The technology's not keeping up?

A: Well, I'm not keeping up. [Laughs]

Q: Based on the reports that you've amassed over the years, could you speculate why you think sasquatch scares us so much?

A: It may be just because it's unfamiliar. I don't think that would be my reaction.

Q: Different people do have different reactions. There are reports where people don't claim to have any fear at all during their encounter.

A: Well, I'm afraid of cougars but if I saw one I'd probably just tend to watch it.

Q: But, in the reports you get people who first mention the smell and then a feeling of panic -

A: There could be a inherited genetic reaction. It's way beyond my expertise. They're talking now about the possibility that sasquatch communicate in ultrasound. That might cause a reaction in us if that turns out to be the case.

Q: By the same token, based on some reports, it seems possible that they can detect infrared light emissions from camera traps, etc.

A: Yeah, that's another possibility.

Q: Hence another reason why there's no photos of Sasquatch.

A: So far, I'm not aware of any camera trap pictures.

Q: It's pretty well taken for granted based on reports of people who have had encounters while using a flashlight and such and who have seen the red glare from the eyes that sasquatch could have excellent night vision.

A: Well, they certainly have some degree of good night vision since they're so active at night. The eye thing is a problem. When you have, as in the case of my database, almost the same number of reports at night as in the daytime and when you consider all the handicaps of the potential observers at night, it seems to me solid evidence that they're far more active at night than in the daytime.

Q: Couldn't one also say that the great number of sightings around water - lakes, rivers, the seashore - could be explained by the fact that those areas are also where people congregate and so that's where people see them?

A: Yes, that's certainly a consideration.

Q: It's not so much that these areas are those where they habitat, but that these are areas where people go and have the opportunity to have an encounter. It's kind of hard to speculate what their habitat is, where they like to travel, what routes they like to use...

A: We're nowhere near being able to do those things. As I said, it's nearly fifty years we've been trying to find patterns and my approach to it now, and for many years, is that they don't have patterns. If they did, we'd have found them long ago.

Q: Also, along that line - and this is a bit of a bone of contention with some people who follow this subject - in your opinion is Sasquatch strictly a Northwest phenomenon as opposed to people who think sasquatch runs from Alaska to the Florida panhandle. There have been sightings all over North America .

A: The sightings everywhere else are just as good as the sightings in the Northwest. This is just where people were first made aware of them.

Q: There are reports from people who give the creatures human traits and characteristics. There are reports of sasquatch coming the aid of people lost in the forest, sasquatch helping an injured child...

A: Well, we do have a zoo report of a gorilla doing exactly that. There's no reason to dismiss these out of hand, but on the other hand, there are so few of them that it would just take a very small number of people making things up to account for them.

Q: There are some who think that a sasquatch should be killed and hopefully soon - just one - to prove that it does exist. Then the governments could enact legislation to protect these creatures. My take on it that there's more than enough land so that sasquatch does not need any kind of Federal protection, at least not for many years. Do you think that there's anything that is endangering sasquatch?

A: I would say that real estate development in Florida is destroying a significant proportion of the habitat for the Skunk Ape, but overall in the continent, no, they have an immense area with very little human impact.

Q: I did some figuring of the amount of untouched land in British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska and it is immense compared to the population of those areas. The land is vast.

A: They don't need it to be untouched anyway.

Q: How much land does one sasquatch need to roam in?

A: I don't know.

Q: Where do people come up with these figures like that?

A: They're only guesses. I mean, there must be thousands of them to be in all the places they're reported but how many thousands...it's just a guess

Q: So it's just guesswork to say these creatures are on the verge extinction?

A: Oh, that's ridiculous. They're not under any pressure at all. They obviously have never been numerous. It's certainly a possibility that the population was knocked down by the same diseases that wiped out so many of the Indians. They would presumably be susceptible to them just as the great apes are. But as to anything that's happening today causing them to become extinct, you can't make any case for that at all.

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