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There have been many myths and crazed speculation about all aspects of this creature's existence. Where there are gaps..people will find a way to fill them . Why? Because not understanding something can sometimes drive an inquisitive mind into some very shadowy areas..
In recent years I have accepted Sasquatch into my life, on a virtually daily basis, either through research on the internet, by emails, on the phone, or by spending time with other researchers, writers and investigators... and like minded individuals.
I have read thousands upon thousands of reports and have spoken to people who have had unexplainable incidents. Have I done enough research to write a book? Not likely. But I have researched enough be able to erect this website on the subject and not insult anyone's intelligence. And I am also able to answer a few questions, with 'no frills' answers which deal only in the facts.

[ Speculation will be kept to a minimum, in order to allow the reader to come to their own conclusions
. So let us began our investigation into the Sasquatch, British Columbis


Gerry ( Coyote )

10 Questions....or; Sasquatch Primer!

Q: What is Sasquatch?

A: The Sasquatch is a flesh and blood animal. By this, I mean that it is not supernatural, alien, or a multi-dimensional wood spirit. Most people believe that it is a North American ' woodland ape '. I am inclined to agree.
This woodland ape is a creature who is shy of people, with probably good reason. Its movements across our land can be recorded by way of footprints and visual sightings. It has been tracked in the past. It holds no more mystery within its existence then a grizzly bear. ( At this point it is only fair to address those of you that are reading this with aluminum foil wrapped about your head.... There is nothing you will encounter on this site which is of the paranormal, or mystical. )

Q: Where are the Sasquatch?

A: The Sasquatch at one time or another have been reported in all kinds of areas! Deep forest, mountainous terrain, as well as garbage dumps! They will roam after food sources much like a bear. Often times this will take them to the sea shore and high into the mountains.. They have been spotted many times along the BC coastline. Also near rivers, from Prince George to the Fraser Valley. As well as the Kootneys and in the high Rockies. In other words, wherever people go, that is where they are seen!

Q: What does Sasquatch eat?

A: As near as can be estimated the Sasquatch is an opportunist, taking its nourishment from many sources. From reported observations the creature is omnivore in its habits. It has reportedly been seen eating fish, berries, small woodland creatures, shellfish, etc.

Q: Where do the Sasquatch live?

A: I believe that they take shelter where ever it might be found. However, there are those who believe that the creature fashions a nest-like structure carpeted with boughs throughout making a comfortable sleeping area. ( It should be noted that no creature has ever been observed building such structures. Nor has one ever been seen inside or near such a structure! So take that story with a grain of salt!)

Q: How do they live?

A: The majority of reports involve singular sightings. But there are some reports where as many as three have been observed together. So it might be a possibility that they form a family structure. (... for a time )! There are a few people who claim to live in close quarters with a group, or family of Sasquatches. But be warned. None of them have ever offered a shred of proof to back up this claim.

Q: How big can a Sasquatch get?

A: There are formulas for working out the height of a creature by the length of its stride. Visual observations also have guess-timates, as to possible weight. The average height appears to be 6' 6" up to 7' 6"...with a number going over and above. The creature's weight can go from 400 .lbs up!

Q: Are Sasquatch dangerous?

A: These creatures appear to be reclusive in their habits. And while there have been some reports of violent encounters, I do not believe those incidents to be the norm. That is, the facts do not point to any willful attempt to harm or seriously injure on the part of the Sasquatch. Are they capable of harm? Certainly. Any large animal is capable of harm, even a dairy cow. But is it in their nature? The evidence says no.

Q: How many Sasquatch are there?

A: No one knows. Some say hundreds, others say thousands. They make their best guess-timates along the lines of how many living creatures would be necessary to ensure the survival of a species. Others quote numbers for political reasons to give weight to one point, or another. The simple truth is..no one knows!

Q: Aren't Sasquatches a myth like Vampires?

A: The Sasquatch is an animal. It has, from observations, the habits of an animal. The reactions of an animal. There is nothing supernatural about the creatures basic abilities.

Q: Why should we care about Sasquatch?

A: If all interest in Sasquatch ceased tomorrow, it would effect every Sasquatch on the planet...not one bit!
After all, they are not like magical creatures which can only exist as long as people believe in them.
But, if all interest did cease, we would be doing ourselves no favor. They are as much a part of our existence as anything, which is not fully explained to our satisfaction. We are born as inquisitive souls..and our nature must be fed. If nothing else..I would defer to Rene Dahinden, when he said "Something is making those damned tracks.." If nothing else, that is enough to get my curiosity engaged!
I will leave the final words on this to a good buddy of mine, Thomas Steenburg.
"If in the end, Sasquatch was disproven then it will not be all for nothing. I mean the research, being outdoors searching, and writing the books and such. I would consider my efforts to be in support of a facinating piece of North American folklore, which refuses to pass on to obscurity" ( Or at least he said something like that, which was good enough for me. )

There is such a wealth of information out there. Enough to have made the answer to any of the above questions fill an entire pages. Or all combined, an entire volume of books. I tried to keep speculation and opinion out of the answers I supplied, tending to restrict myself to just reported observations of the creature.
I urge you to not take anyone's word for anything, Do your own investigating and form your own opinion, based solely on the facts made available by such research.
Go to a search engine and type in...Sasquatch. You will be in for months of facinating exploration!

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