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In the Beginning..

J. W. Burns

Rene Dahinden

Bob Titmus

John Green

The British Columbia Classics

Sasquatch Country


These areas are the towns, villages and the rough countryside which have been the usual suspects for many a Sasquatch sighting. The Sasquatch supposedly respects no borders, passing freely through the mountains which surround the Fraser Valley as it spans both sides of the 49th parallel

Through here the creature can access the rivers and valleys and make their way through the rough Coastal Mountain terrain. Interlocking mountain passes reaching from obscure valley to valley have been suspected migration routes for the beast during the changing of seasons. This school of thought could explain how they appear to travel for many a mile without being encountered.

During the time of J.W. Burns ( You might recall him as the Indian Agent back at the turn of the century who kept a record of indian tales about the Sasquatch. ) this area was prime stomping grounds for the elusive least according to indian lore!
The names Harrison, Cheam, Chehalis, Agassiz were all mentioned as important players, back in the day when human population was scarce..and the Sasquatch wilder in habit and demeanor. What is that country like today?

Let's 'start off' with a visit to..Harrison Hot Springs

John Green

Thomas Steenburg

Chris Murphy

Dr. John Bindernagel

Hancock House

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My interview with John Green

My interview with Chris Murphy

My interview with Thomas Steenburg


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