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Here are contributed experiences which make for interesting reading
I hope you enjoy!

Being Stalked..

Stave Lake, BC. 1981

During the summer of 1981, I visited with family friends of ours who lived close to Miracle Valley at the end of Stave Lake / McConnell Creek area (a detox centre and retreat run by the Salvation Army). A small group of ours (myself, my brother, our friend "C" and his father and their Lab dog) set out to take the edge off the summer mid-morning & afternoon heat with a swim in the river down a gravel forestry access road. The road was about 6 km from the river and we alternated between getting a ride on our friend's dad's motorcycle and walking. "B" (my friend's dad) would ferry the 3 of us to the river. After an hour or two of swimming, we started the walk back. During this time, I started to get a funny feeling we were being watched or paced. C (my friend) and I were walking ahead and we would occassionaly hear snapping of branches or rustling of bushes as we walked along the road. C started to feel awkward too. We both thought it could be some local kids having fun or perhaps some deer or other wildlife that live in the area. We crossed a strip of logged out area where the hydro lines were strung (approx 60-80m across) which ran NE-SW along the area. We noticed that the snapping and rustling obviously stopped but the feeling of being watched never did. As we re-emerged into the forest with about 1/2 km left to the main paved street (Stave Lake Street near Hartley Road), the activity paralleling us increased slightly in frequency and strength. Thinking the local kids were continuing their little joke, we started yelling at the general area to come out and "Get lost, you jerks!" but nobody stepped out. C started to throw rocks at the general area of the bushes on the right-hand side of the road and my brother and myself joined in. What scared the hell out of us was that the rocks were answered with rocks being thrown BACK at us! The dog began to bark and growl (which Nobby rarely, if ever, did!) This coupled with a growling/grunting sound and an overwhelming urge to leave the area NOW ended the encounter. We ran out of the area as fast as we could and took refuge at the S.A. activity centre a few hundred metres up the road. C's dad came looking for us and asked us why we were here and we told him what had happened (except for the rock throwing). He didn't disbelieve us but he thought it was probably a bear.

A Cry in the Night...

Cultas Lake, BC, 1999

October 1999 at approximately 4a.m., it was a beautiful time because the moon was out, shining over Cultus Lake (BC). I remember this time because it was around my birthday which is 25th and the Chinook winds were blowing. A male friend and I were waking up around the same time every day to take a dip in the lake doing spiritual cleansing. On this particular e met at the lake and began walking down the dock we removed our clothing and were standing there in our bathing suits talking about how beautiful it was for early October morning, were not cold at all. So we proceeded to dive in at the end of the dock and even stayed in the water a while longer. We returned to the ladder and climbed out amazed at how great the water and the air felt against our skin. We began to towel dry ourselves when over to our right just below where the moon was positioned we could hear falling shale rock falling. I knew it was shale rock because I knew exactly where it was falling from having traveled that road many times. We stopped and listened and out of no where this amazing sound of a cry (roar) came and my friend and I both looked at each other in amazement and said did you hear that? I said yeah as the hair on the back of my neck felt like they were standing on end and not from the early morning dip. I know that is no bear or other animal because I grew up around the woods and know the sounds various animals make. And this had the sound of a large creature almost man like but not like any man I have ever heard, the cry still echo’s in my mind. I know and he knew that was sasquatch. Even he being white (non-believer) and I being Native (believer) in our hearts we knew what we heard and to this day I continue to share this story with anyone who listens, because it was an awesome experience that I never want to forget. Will never forget the look on my friends face the moment we heard that sound, he had a look of excitement and awe, even when he shared the story with friends later that day. I have heard stories and personal experiences from immediate family and very close friends but there is nothing like having experience it yourself. I have smelt them around our camps while fishing in the Fraser Canyon but never had the experience of hearing the cry of one, so this is a monumental experience for me.
[ Contributer's note: You know I was not scared, I was more excited that I finally have something concrete to relate all the stories to and a witness to the experience. I think he felt the same too. Its funny because after I had shared this story with a Sowalie Tribal member he too disclosed a story to me because he knew I believed and he was afraid people would think he was crazy. His story happened just before Yarrow train crossing, interesting story wish I would have seen what he saw. I was born and raised in Chilliwack have many relatives there, my grandfather used to tell me stories of people feeding families of sasquatch in the area where I heard the cry.]

A Whoop in the Night....

Wolf Lake, BC. June 18th 2008

We were camping past Mission BC up from Harrison lake at a little lake called Wolf Lake, close to Weaver lake..The little camp site has three spots beside the logging road (Harrison west)...

The time was just before midnight and the sounds were like a whooping sound. (scary when it's close) it sounded like it was right in our camp and I had to use a bear banger to scare whatever it was, it returned 45 minutes later.
The lake had many frogs or toads signing all-night long and it sounded like the creature was there for the frogs/toads not us but I had to use a second bagger to scare it off again. The whooping noise stopped again but only for awhile, it started up again on the other side of this small lake
. I've camped for years all over BC and many times around Mission & Harrison BC but this was the first time I've ever heard this unnerving whooping sound, I'm 37 and I was out with my mom and my two daughters 2 & 4.
I talked to a local native man that collects for the forestry camp sites the next morning, I told him what we heard and with no hesitation he said it was sasquatch season and that's what he believes we heard? he also said this is the time of year that the elders teach the young about sasquatch.

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