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Chris Murphy retired from the British Columbia Telephone Company back in 1994, two years before I myself parted from that same organization , which is now known as Telus.
He authored a number of practical business guides and taught classes for the same. However, the Sasquatch bug had already bitten Chris Murphy back in 1993 through his association with the late Rene Dahinden.
Since then he has been heavily involved in writing about Sasquatch and the re-publication of Patterson's and Beck's books!
He has contributed greatly to giving a new understanding of what one was watching in the P/G film. He has, as well, collected pictorial slices of the Sasquatch world and the people involved in the hunt for the creature and turned this collection into a book of rare beauty.
Chris Murphy is a genuinely helpful person to those involved in this endeavor. He has been of huge help to me on a number of ocassions, and continues to be so, with this website!

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My interview with John Green

My interview with Chris Murphy

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