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These are the four sasquatch heads created by VANCOUVER, B.C. sculptor PENNY BIRNAM that were featured in the Vancouver Museum exhibit (June 2004 to February 2005). Each of the heads is a little different, as we suspect is the case with sasquatch - different features, like human beings. The sculptures were created at the request of Chris Murphy who provided images from the Patterson/Gimlin film for design/inspiration purposes. Three of the heads are now on display at the Seattle Museum of Mysteries.

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Head One

Head Two

Head three

Head Four

Penny Birnam is seen with Lynn Maranda, curator of anthropology, Vancouver Museum.

*note* [ by Chris Murphy ]
When the Vancouver museum exhibit was approved and I started assembling artifacts, it became apparent that I did not have a good sasquatch sculpture for the exhibit. I had the Bourtsev statue, but no reasonably life-size head sculpture. I contemplated making a sculpture myself and prepared a preliminary plan based on the creature seen in the Patterson/Gimlin film. However, I had only dabbled in sculpturing, so was not sure I could produce something good enough - especially something life-size.

My son, Dan, was staying with me at that time and asked why not just find a local artist and ask him or her to provide a sculpture for the exhibit, reasoning that most artists like to have their material displayed, especially in a major museum. This was a good thought, so I gave him the challenge of finding a sculptor.
Dan reasoned that Granville Island was a good place to start as it has a number of shops with sculptures and other artwork (he remembered seeing a large gorilla head somewhere at that location). He went to Granville Island and soon found a shop with remarkable animal head sculptures

- it was the shop where he had previously seen the gorilla head. As soon as he saw all of the artwork up close , he knew that whoever was making the material was the person needed for the sasquatch project. He talked to the shop owner and outlined the project. The owner said that the sculptor of the heads was Penny Birnam and that she (the owner) would contact Penny and ask her if she was interested in providing something for us. That evening I received a call from Penny who said she would be very interested in helping us.

A couple of nights later Dan and I went to see Penny. She showed us her studio and some of the remarkable work she has done.

The photograph showing Penny and I with unfinished gorilla heads was taken that evening in her studio. Dan later took a picture of me
with some of Penny's other work

. Penny said she would need to make a study of the creature and would need as much information as I could provide. I brought her over to my place and spent an evening explaining the entire sasquatch story and showing her all the artifacts and artwork I had assembled. She asked for my sculpture plan, a video of the Patterson/Gimlin film plus some of the enlarged stills from the film.

Many weeks later Penny called and said that she had completed the head, although not yet colored and detailed. She asked me to come over and see it to confirm that this was what I envisioned .

I was highly pleased with her work. She then told me that she felt the sasquatch was probably like humans and that they would have individual facial characteristics.

With this in mind, she created three other heads - each different in appearance as with people.

The four heads were display at the Vancouver Museum exhibit that ran from June 2004 to February 2005. Three of the heads are currently on exhibit at the Seattle Museum of Mysteries. The first head produced is in my collection.

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