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The Sasquatch British Columbia website is designed to be a source of information to the general public, as well as, those who have harbored an interest in the subject. This is done by the website and by the interactive forum.
If you are wary of tv documentaries[ ?] which feature night vision adorned tv personalities who try to make you believe that every shaking bush, or every strange sound in the forest is Sasquatch related, then the information on this site might be a pleasant alternative as to how to relate to the possibility of such a creature. Does this creature exist? I do not know, but....those who have seen it say...yes! Sasquatch BC is endeavoring to be a source which promotes what is happening in the world of the British Columbia sasquatch researchers, investigators & writers. Through interviews, sighting reports, book promos, profiles, and discussions.

Sasquatch British Columbia's goal is to paint a picture of what is happening with regards to the serious investigation of the evidence of Sasquatch in British Columbia and to educate the people about this well known entity by using just the facts that are available. And doing so through the eyes of their fellow British Columbians. There is a lot of information here. Whether you think the creature exists, or not, it might be of interest to you.


If you think that have had an encounter in British Columbia ,.or have had an interest in the creature ...then please send us an email complete with your story, and let us know if you find these pages interesting.


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John Green

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My interview with John Green

My interview with Chris Murphy

My interview with Thomas Steenburg


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