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There are many websites in North America dealing with Sasquatch . But if one were to look into the early days of the creature's noteriety in the minds of 20th century society, then one would have to go back years before the Jerry Crew footprints and decades before the Patterson/Gimlin Film, to British Columbia, Canada! Press the links and learn about the rich BC heritage of the Sasquatch. Read about sightings and learn from the men and women who seek the creature!

We'll supply the perspective. you supply your own conclusions!

This website is an ongoing mission, updated frequently!

In the News !!

Read Bill Miller's rebuttal to those people who claim there was a "Massacre at Bluff Creek"! perpetrated by Green, Dahinden and Titmus
Tabloid journalism of which the public is used to on the subject of Sasquatch? Pretty much. But Bill Miller of Harrison Hpt Spring pretty well blows the speculation out of the water with good old common sense! Check it out in our forum!

In September an ecounter on Ruby Creek Road leaves a Chilliwack hunter a little shaken and terribly curious! Read about it in our forum. Thomas Steenburg investigates!

Multiple sightings on Bridal Falls forestry service road on June 18th, 2008 Read about it in our forum. Thomas Steenburg and Bill Miller investigate!

Reports of strange vocalizarions at Wolf Lake in June.

Get your copy of "Bigfoot's Reflection.'

This is a very well made documentary featuring Thomas Steenburg, Bill Miller and others. They show the true side of Sasquatch research, mercifully without any of the usual lunatic fringe element who get inserted for a 'tongue in cheek' angle in documentaries! Media usually has a hard time playing it straight faced! This presentation, ( much to the credit of Bill and Thomas ) pulls no punches in getting the story across of what it takes to be a researcher and the dedication involved. No re -inactments..just honest to goodness truths. All to rare in this field! Buy it!

In the Bush.... !

Hear the ducumentary where Thomas's Land Rover went over the side of a mountain while he and Seb were doing a radio program for CBC! Also hear John Kirk's relief when word got out to the rest of us! Click the truck to hear it unfold( As the file runs for a little over 25 minutes..please allow a few minutes for audio to began. Go grab a beer and a glass and it should be ready! )

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